Healthy Mexican Crockpot Dinner

Chicken is so blah and when you're trying to whip up a healthy dinner, grilled chicken seems to be the only boring possiblity. BUT have no fear because this recipe will turn your kitchen into a Mexican fiesta you won't feel guilty about. AND if I don't already have your attention, this meal is made completely in the crockpot!

Cilantro Lime Pulled Chicken was a total win last night. I took some chicken breasts and laid them in the crock pot covering them with sliced onion and some minced garlic. Then i squeezed lime juice all over and then covered the chicken with low-sodium chicken broth. When the chicken was done cooking, i pulled it apart with two forks and used an immersion blender to blend all the goodness that was left behind in the crock pot. Then i added the chicken back in, added some brown rice to the crockpot and when that was finished - BAM total Mexican party. Top with salsa and plain greek yogurt and you got yourself feelin' like that dancing Chiquita Banana woman.

This dish can easily be thrown in the crockpot before work and finished in 15 minutes when you come home SO that means no more excuses when it comes to eating healthy. IT IS POSSIBLE FOR HEALTHY THINGS TO TASTE AWESOME PEOPLE!

The great thing about this recipe is not just that it is healthy, it is very versitile. You can use the chicken to make tacos, you can throw the chicken on top of a salad. OR if you're feeling daring, you can make the boss move I did and throw a poached egg on top and call it breakfast. BANG BANG.