Who makes waffles in a waffle iron these days?

I've been seeing all this hype lately where people are putting just about anything in a waffle iron. I was a little bit jealous that I wasn't the first person to think of putting a piece of pizza in a waffle iron and call it a sandwich. The possiblities are endless when you think of a waffle iron as a frying pan, panini press or even an oven. I still kept it pretty basic with this recipe, but definitely amped up my usual breakfast.

I started by shredding one medium sized potato with my spaghetti peeler and tossed it in a bowl with some salt and pepper. Here's where you can get creative. I threw in some feta cheese and onion for a little Greek flare. You can throw in any mix-ins you want. Any kind of cheese would be awesome (because who doesn't love cheese) and then there's bacon, sausage or your favorite breakfast meat (PORKROLL HELLO) and finally some fresh herbs for flavor. After you mix in your favorite ingredients, grease up the waffle maker and you're in business. Pile in the goodness and cook until the waffle is your desired golden color. I topped my waffle with a poached egg, cilantro and some Sriracha. The runny yolk is everything.

Omg you know what would be awesome? A waffle made from Thanksgiving leftovers.

*For a healthier alternative you can use a sweet potato and add some turkey bacon and veggies*



Serves 1

Ingredients 1 medium potato

3/4 cup of preferred cheese

Up to 1 cup of your favorite mix-ins (any kind of meat, fresh herbs, etc.)

1 egg

Salt and pepper to taste


1. Plug in your waffle iron. Peel your potato and then use a spaghetti vegetable peeler to make hash brown strands. (Make life easier and buy pre-made frozen hash browns!)

2. Put the hash browns in a bowl and add your cheese and desired mix-ins as well as a little salt and pepper. Toss all of those ingredients together.

3. Grease your waffle iron with pam or rub some butter on it (whatever your preference might be). Then pile in your hashbrown mix and close it up.

4. While your waffle is cooking, boil some water in a shallow pan to prepare your poached egg. (If you don't like poached eggs, feel free to prepare your eggs any way you would like).

5. When your waffle has reached your desired level of crispiness, put it on a plate, top with your egg and garnish with fresh herbs and hot sauce!